Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Doing research is a big part of the process of building a house. I'm no experienced builder, but my common sense tells me that you have to do your homework before you get your hands into the project. About 90% of building this house will be framing. And framing is the easiest part. I am very visual and like a lot of pictures to teach me how to do something. I have been going to the library and picking books and DVD's up on framing, sustainable living, gardening, plumbing, electrical, renewable energy, and basic house building skills.

I started to think a lot about living in this tiny house and i pictured myself in it living simple. I pictured a garden outside that i would use to grow fruit trees, vegetables, eggs, bees ( for honey and pollination of flowers and plants), and even chickens and grain. I would grow completely organic and even the large over loads of food i could sell.

Plumbing looks like it might be the toughest part of this hole project. Electrical should be pretty easy since i will be hooking up to solar panels and a wind turbine. Water usage should be easy enough as to filling gallon jugs and placing them above the shower and kitchen sink, although i need to figure out a plan to build a well and filter rain collection.

If I find any videos or tutorials on any of these processes i will post them.
Resources: The Carbon-Free Home by Stephen & Rebekah Hren,
Complete Idiots Guide, Miller's Guide to Framing & Roofing,


  1. In terms of time spent, 10% will be framing, 10% electrical, 10% plumbing, and about 70% will be finishwork (windows/doors/roof/interior/kitchen/trimwork/floors/walls/appliance installation.) You may want to consider hiring an experienced framer for a day and work alongside. The two of you could have the whole house framed and the roof sheathed in one day, assuming the trailer deck had been properly prepared. Good luck with your build. I one framed an entire 1700ft ranch with by brother in a weekend. It is certainly possible.

  2. updates in 7 weeks? Your Blog officially sucks and I will no longer follow it.