Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Simplicity Continues

As I have been venturing deep into the new lifestyle of simplicity there are a few things i would like to point out. Simple living requires all those material items you posses to diminished quite a bit. People buy furniture, gadgets, clothing, electronics, and many other things that are not qualified as important in life. These things tend to weigh us down and distract us from our life. As part of my simple living project my first objective is to:

Minimize Clutter
Rid myself of items that have no real use.
If an object does not have a purpose then it is a distraction.
In order to have a clear mind, more free time, less to clean, and more available space to actually live then you must get rid of which is unnecessary.

Here are a few things i have done to declutter. One point is that "Small is always better"

My computer desk i had was a huge glass desk about 3 ft deep and 4 ft wide. I needed a minimal desk. I realized that the more desk space i have the more stuff i'll stack up on it. So i went online and searched for a minimal desk, one that would last forever so i would not need to purchase another one EVER AGAIN. Here is what i found! The One Less Desk by Heckler Design

This desk was a perfect fit. It is only 12 inches deep. Very Compact, efficient and effective. Minimal and sleek in design.

I figure the only pieces of furniture that are truly important in a home is a work space and seats (Chairs, stools, sofas) For quests. Not much else is needed in a home of simplicity. For seating i figured it should double up as storage. I purchased a ottoman that doubles as seating and a place for storing objects. I'll have more on this later as i am still doing some research on seating.

One thing people forget is that even though clothing is stored away in a closet or dresser doesn't mean you shouldn't declutter that too. My philosophy on this subject is that you should only keep what your really wear. People tend to pick a few pieces of clothing for the week to wear and the rest tends to sit in the closet for years.
A little trick you can do to find out what you really don't wear:
Take the hangars and flip them around so when you do pull something out to wear you have to flip it around to get it out. By the end of a few months or a year open your closet and you have revealed what you have not worn. It's pretty sad when people have to do such a thing to see what they actually use. A world of consumption is a world of uncontrollable and unnecessary desires and wants. These have to be formed into necessities and basic needs.


  1. Although the "One Less Desk" is obviously gorgeous, it is completely unnecessary in a Tumbleweed...a simple built-in desk is far more appropriate. The Heckler desk, too, costs a significant percentage of the cost of the entire Tumbleweed. My advice: keep your eyes on your goal and don't let anything, no matter how otherwise attractive, divert you from it.

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